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A Kiss for you Mom

by CattleRanchGal on June 22, 2011

baby calf licks mommy cow

I love catching special moments at the ranch. Doesn’t this look sweet? Looks like the baby calf is kissing mama cow on the cheek.



Blue Birds Look For Refuge in the Snow

by CattleRanchGal on April 30, 2011

Blue bird in snow storm


A very cold snowstorm came in awhile I was visiting a ranch in North Eastern New Mexico.

You could tell the birds were surprised awhile they desperately looked for a place to hide out of the wind and snow.



They would land for just moments on a wire fence or telephone line before they flew off again.


This light is under the peak of the roof on this pump house. They found great refuse here.


I did not photoshop any of these pictures. The only thing I did was crop in to get closer.

Can you believe how blue these birds are? They are beautiful!


You can see from the picture the wind was blowing very hard. I think this made it very difficult for these birds.





This picture was taken through a window. Can you see the bluebird on the top? They are trying to get in the hole (that a woodpecker recently made) in this old shed.

I had so much fun watching these birds for about an hour when the storm let up. I felt bad for them that they couldn’t find anywhere to escape–all that was around was cactus and a few elm trees with no leaves to hide under.

You all take care for now…

I think I will go straddlin’ down the road….


The Cattle Ranch Gal


Horses Play in the Snow | Ranch Life in New Mexico

by CattleRanchGal on April 1, 2011

Two horses play in the snow.

Have a great day!



Like Mama; Like Child

by CattleRanchGal on March 29, 2011

Mama and baby white cattle--match with black ears and black spots on tummy.

Mama and Baby

I love it when the mama cows are having their babies. It is so much fun to watch! It is interesting that most of the time the calf looks like the mama cow as depicted here in this picture. That bull doesn’t seem to have any affect on the calf’s appearance!

Mama and Baby

It is interesting when you look really close at this picture how many of the spots and characteristics are identical on both the mama and calf.


Beautiful Horses at the Bell Ranch

March 27, 2011

City Slicker from California explores life through her camera. Photographs of horses at the Bell Ranch in New Mexico. | Cattle Ranch Gal Photography

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Old Green Truck

February 16, 2011

I love taking pictures of old trucks and then playing with the photo in photoshop. I found this green truck out by the ST. James Hotel in New Mexico.

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Amazing Blue in Clouds

February 15, 2011

I am always amazed at the sky when I go to New Mexico.

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Stuck in the Mud

February 11, 2011

This City Slicker, Cattle Ranch Gal wanna be copped an atitude and got the truck stuck in the mud. What will Rancher Dan say?

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Thirsty Cow

February 2, 2011

This cow was thirsty! She came in for a drink licking her lips and nose in between watching Rancher Dan.

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